Jacky Sawatzky


Models of Observation


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Media Projects

Intimate Irrelevant Moments - a reflection on the dramatization of broadcast of the World Cup 2006, that is soccer (or voetbal) (2010)
R.g.b-project -a participatory project around the colour space RGB(2006)
Social Metronome -a portrait of a backally in Vancouver seen through the 'eye' of a programming language
The bike-piece It has been exhibited as Mediated Perception, Body memory and the Shadow. One of the worse titles I have ever thought of. (2003)

Location responsive work

Cats Revolt! - a project wherein Uma (the cat) expresses her concerns regarding the realtionship between humans and their laptops
Miss Quichot- an older video project made in 1998
Screencozies -knitted screencozies for a laptop

The Dishes A photo collage create for the House-Project in Winnipeg, (2009)
When Code Lay Bare-a series of collages using the programming environment Max/MSP/Jitter(2007)
Studio Visits _photo collages(2009)
Suitcase and MailboxHow to explain this?
Found A photographic documentation of litter
Campwalks-a blog about the city nomadcamp I used to live (2009---)

Single channel video pieces

Dance videos (1999-2010)
Bildergeschichte a collaboration with Sarah Dorkenwald and Sebastian Sorge
Island A walk around the Toronto Island in 8 days


Good night noises An experimental documentation of a Soundwalk by Chris O'Conner(2006)
Found / Roaming the old rail bed A soundwalk in collaboration with Chris O'Conner for Vancouver new music, (2009)