Intimate Relevant Moments

How has the technological enhancement changed how televised soccer is experienced?


A requiem to the forest and the creation of a new ecological space.

Suitcase & Mailbox

What would a mailbox do without a suitcase?


participants are invited to imagine what was, is, and could be lying beyond an old railbed.


Have you lost a candy wrapper?

The Dishes

The poetics in stacking of a dishrack at an artist residency.


I came to the conclusion that the normalization of the senses is the commonality between processed food and the computer screen.


What is gained and/or lost in the translation of colour when captured by digital imaging technology ?

Social Metronome

A portrait, wherein the emphasis was on what happens and not on who is doing what in this back -ally, avoiding the identification of individuals.

The Bike Project

Cycling, as a model of observation

Cats Revolt

A call to all cats to demand back their lap