<born><canada><winnipeg><winnipeg general hospital>select 0.02</hospital><balmoral avenue>sel 1</avenue><nassau street> sel 3</ street></city></country><the netherlands><groningen><wielewaaalplein>sel 4</plein><vogelkersstaart>sel 6</straat><jupiterstraat>sel 14</straat></city><aduard><aduarderdiep>sel18</diep></village><arnhem><?>sel 19</?></city><groningen><tuinbouwstraat>sel 20 </straat></city></country><travel>sel 22</travel><the netherlands><groningen><johan willem friso straat >sel 23< / straat><friesestraatweg>sel 26{started BFA at the Academie Minerva, focus: sculpture, performance}</weg><peizerweg>sel 30{graduated with a multi-media theater performance 'Walking on the edge of time'}</weg></city></country><belgium><antwerpen><van pelt straat>sel 32{focus: shifted to video}</straat></city></country><the netherlands><rotterdam><keileweg>sel 33{artistic crises}</weg></city></country><canada><winnipeg><hebert street><sel35{focus:community art projects, interested in an individualÕs unique view of her surroundings and the ways in he engages in every day spaces.}</street><rathgar avenue>sel 37{left to do a MFA at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, focus: exploring the influence digital technology can have on our perception and consumption of such technology}</avenue></city<vancouver><harwood street> sel 38.5{started the R.g.b-project}</street><guelph street>sel 39 { focus: development of situations and tools that allow a broad public to share and express their individual points of view while collaborating in a larger social context: taught part-time in the school for image arts, Ryerson Univeristy in Toronto: does not want to move to Toronto</street></city><Toronto>< Wyandot Avenue>sel:42{(I did move to Toronto) focus: making art: teaches _part-time_ at Ontario College for Art and Design,Toronto; } </to be continued>