The computer program acts like a camera, it focuses only on the pixels that have a predominantly red, green or blue. If there is no designated color in the clip no image will show up and the sound will kick in. The program uses the original sound of the clip. The amount of filtering applied to the sound is determined by the amount of colour in the other clips.

Equipment needed:

-Digital camcorder. Any video camera will work as long as one has the possibility to get the footage into a computer.

-Computer The R.g.b-project application works only on a Mac OSX. (This will change in the near future!) The application was build on a G4, 660 MHZ processor, 512 ram. A slower processor will work only there will be more latency in the video images. (This can be interesting!)

-Headphones or speakers


The R.g.b-project takes three clips, a red, green and blue clip. The instructions I give to the participants are: go on a walk through the city or town, and document only red, do this again with green and blue.(The participants became extremely creative in the interpretation of the R.g.b-projects framework. On the experience page of the website and woven into the texts, R.g.b-project, are examples of how participants have interpreted the assignment.

The computer program:

The program takes QuickTime movies; I used the compression format Mjpeg-b at 15 frames a second. The size of the clip the program takes is half the size of the original. The compression and the frame rate can differ. The sound has to be split of from the video clip and saved as an .aiff file.

Once the program is downloaded open up the R.g.b-project application and follow the instructions. The sound is the best listened to on headphones
The piece is the best experienced on a laptop while sitting in a cafe or a place where one has a view onto the streets.

Download download the R.g.b-surveillance Machine .