Video In, Vancouver, 2005

For the residency at Video In, Jacky Sawatzky, in collaboration with four other artists, Aretha Aoki, Sara Coffin, Bobbie Kozinuk & Chris O'Connor, immersed themselves in the color concepts of the Rgb-project (as dictated by the technology and interpreted by the artists), and used this as a framework to construct a body of work. The artist involved came from various artistic disciplines, namely dance, theater, performance art, sound/radio and media arts. The new-media happenings broughts together different elements evolving from the R.g.b-project itself, and developed during this 10 day residency: the RGB radio tag, as part of the soundscapes on Co-op Radio, Vancouver; improvisation of dance, camera, and sound using the parameters of the R.g.b-project's computer program and; an RGB-dinner cooked by Aretha Aoki.