From>To, Mcad, Minneapolis, 2005
studio at GPCA, Toronto, 2005
  Mediated Perception Body Memory and the Shadow  
Mediated, Clarion University Gallery, Pennsylvania, 2006

In China and the Netherlands, the bike was/is the main mode of transportation. While growing up in Groningen, Netherlands, I spend an avarage of 2 hours a day on the bike. The movements of cycling became ingrained in my body's memory. The bike was an extension of myself and a mediator of my perception.

Three cities, three routes traced: Beijing, from the apartment I was staying to Tiananmen Square; Groningen, the city I grew up in, the nomad camp I lived in and helped create to the Museum of Contemporary Arts; and Winnipeg, the city I was born in, a backally, a straight route until I had to turn the corner.

A video sculpture consisting of a bike, basket, laptop, video (three individual loops) and sound.Each time this video sculpture is exhibited I use a different bike. play excerpt of video

This project was made possible with the support of the Manitoba Arts Council. And I would like to thank Zhu Jinshi and Gerdiny Martens for their help in creating this project. Home