A possible portfolio If you want a fast overview of what I have been up to 1995-2007? here an portfolio overview, made with an older version of powerpoint.It gives a nice materiality to the images.

Intimate Irrelevant Moments - a reflection on the dramatization of broadcast of the World Cup 2006, that is soccer (or voetbal).

Cats Revolt! - a project wherein Uma (the cat) expresses her concerns regarding the relationship between humans and their laptops

Miss Quichot in Winnipeg- a video loop 1998

Screencozies -knitted screencozies for a laptop

Social Metronome -a portrait of a backally in Vancouver seen through the 'eye' of a programming language

Found-A performance wherein I comb the main road of Toronto Island looking for lost candy wrappers, pieces of paper or kleenex.(1998----)

R.g.b-project -portraits of cities based on the RGB-colorspace (2006)

Soundwalk - a participatory project, this time in collaboration with Chris O'Connor (2007)

The Dishes -For a period of a month I documented the dishrack in the collective kitchen of Gibraltar Point Centre of the Arts on Toronto Island. I would like to thank the artists who were in residence during that period for their creativity in stacking the dishes. The original of this collage is 2.10 m by 1.60m and was exhibited as part of The House-project (2008)

The bike-piece This video-sculpture has had many titles and manifestations e.g. The throw of the Dice, Granny in a Basket, Blink. It has been exhibited as Mediated Perception, Body memory and the Shadow. One of the worse titles I have ever thought of, but I am sticking with it. (2003)

When Code Lay Bare-a series of collages using the programming environment Max/MSP/Jitter (2007)

Suitcase & Mailbox-Does a suitcase need a mailbox?

Four Studio Visits -four photographic portrait of four artist studios (2009)

Found /Roaming the old railroad- a mediated soundwalk with Chris O'Connor

Videos-from commissioned documentaries, to documentation,to experimental