rainbow structures, rainy days, remembering/ returning & re-birth reception to learn unfamiliar movements & ways of engaging with architecture, environments & and each other, then.... moving on to something else but with new information, beginning somewhere then going somewhere else, returning there but in a different way like an outward spiral Feeling like I could fall & be safe be encouraged to play & be curious. The dance was short, our message felt honest & precise The birth of Asa.
A shift, a gradual, stripping of layers of movement, characterization becoming, more subtle & nuanced. The performance is an extension of the process. set choreography, not quite improv, anything could happen yet there is no doubt the 3 of us will be where we need to be The audience now small,
back The echo , a sense of abandonment, empowerment, community, play....   Everything flowed I didn't want it to end. The sound of our bodies on the pavement, in the alter at night & the stillness of the audience / participants in contrast to our dance (my favorite part) Thank you!