1st sounds: tennisball, voice sand, kicking, plastic, moterbike, muffler, children warm/cool-in +out of the shade   lots of memory of childhood My whole world was the hood-the ally-the garden, fences, ect.
The rest of the world was to big too understand. The boy dresses as a warrior watching the dance in the courtyard. John Dewey- Recognition/perception (Perceiving takes so much energy!)   The way Chris danced and with clear focus left the library directly. The last moment of a lift and walk in the street.
back Poised to cross (chris + Aretha) Lori dancing at the top of the ally while flower pedals floated down from the trees in the sun and all the people merged.   The people who came and ended up in the house. All members of a kind of sensibility as people - a culture- a type?