Sorry i didn't get back to you sooner. As usual, I have been tied up with other things. I sincerely thank you for being part of the soundwalk. being with other people just for the sake of being together in silence was quite refreshing and almost meditative. As you might have guessed, I enjoy silence. Perhaps, there is no real silence, since we are always surrounded by a constant flow of sound.     Microclimates
I also enjoyed the playful qualities of the walk. I felt being a little kid, hanging around with other kids on the street. I realize I've lost all the wonderment I had when I was young. All the small details of what I hear and see. I always like the bus road form the station to the campus. I know most people hate it. The moving trees with the sky in the background and the shaking movement of the bus. The beautiful colors and small sounds. Life is still beautiful, as it is.